Go Green...Get Real


Real Christmas Trees—The Better Environmental Choice:


In 2008, the MN Christmas Tree Association began a marketing campaign entitled, Go Green—Get Real!  It is based on these basic principles:

  • Real Christmas trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in a process called photosynthesis.
  • Real Christmas trees provide animal habitat.
  • Real Christmas trees prevent soil erosion.
  • Real Christmas trees beautify the landscape.
  • Real Christmas trees are naturally sustainable.
  • Real Christmas trees are recyclable. 


Because we wanted to reach the public, and school children in particular, with this message, we produced three DVDs.   Each of them is different,  but all of them tell a similar story--real Christmas trees benefit the environment.  DVD # 1 is the shortest at about 8 minutes.  It is divided into 4 segments that can be shown individually.  Each segment gives reasons to support the real Christmas tree industry.  DVD # 2 is about 12 minutes long and also is divided into segments.  This production was specifically created to interest children.  We introduced a funny detective who investigates and decides that real Christmas trees are good for the environment. At about 18 minutes, DVD # 3 is the longest.  But it was also created in segments, which can be viewed individually.  This DVD was produced to explain the operations growers, consumers, and recyclers perform in the production, sale, and reuse of real Christmas trees. 


We have also created educational kits, posters, stickers, as well as, logo clothing.  Each of these items helps us reinforce our environmental message.  If you would like to know more about this program, please contact Jan Donelson, donelson@frontiernet.net or Donna Revak, d.revak@frontiernet.net for more information.    

The Beauty

A segment filled with stunning photography of Christmas trees and our environment.

The Science

University of Minnesota forestry expert explains the process of photosynthesis

The Tradition

A tree farmer talks about the traditions of his family and his customers

The Choice

A side by side comparison of a real Christmas tree to an artificial tree reveals the environmentally rsponsible choice.