Go Green…Get Real

In 2008, dedicated members of the MNCTA created an industry-wide marketing campaign to impress upon consumers the importance of “Going Green and Getting Real". Whether you believe in global warming, or not, you can appreciate everyone doing little things to help the environment. Eliminating wasteful habits and encouraging natural solutions are practices responsible citizens choose for the improvement of the planet--for us all.



Because real Christmas trees change carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen— 

  • They are biodegradable and recyclable. 
  • They provide animal habitat. 
  • They prevent soil erosion. 
  • They clean the air and soil. 


If you are a consumer, buy real trees, at Christmas and throughout the year for your yard.  Look for businesses using this logo.  They believe in a healthy planet.   Don’t feel guilty about cutting a tree growing on a farm.  Growers planted them for you.  For every tree we sell, we replant 2 or 3 new seedlings to take its place.  All those benefits to the environment continue, whether the tree is replanted in your yard or harvested. 


If you are an industry member, join the campaign.  Use the videos, educational kits, and marketing materials to connect with your community.  Environmental education is not just a textbook phrase.  Kids in schools and community groups know the benefits of recycling.  Most consumers are aware of things they can do on a regular basis to help the earth.  They only need to be reminded that real Christmas trees play a role in that process.  Go Green-Get Real provides the tools to help you. 
  • Educational kits 
  • Marketing materials including posters, stickers, clothing 
  • Educational videos 
  • 30-second, TV-ready commercial 
  • 2-minute YouTube spoof starring an artificial Christmas tree farmer 


Summer 2008 - Produced a catchy slogan and an attractive logo.
Created a marketing campaign that has an environmental foundation that can be used to connect with schools and communities. 
Produced DVD #1, Go Green-Get Real, 8 minutes, 4 segments which can be shown individually. 
Fall 2008 - Partnered with Kids for Saving Earth, the largest children’s environmental organization in the world. 
Winter 2009 - Submitted the Go Green-Get Real logo for trademark protection. 
Spring 2009 - Created “Earth Day, Arbor Day, Christmas Day—We Plant Trees 4U” campaign, encouraging growers to donate trees to local schools and communities, reminding them that the trees we plant for Christmas provide all the environmental benefits that Earth Day and Arbor Day trees do. 
Produced t-shirts, caps, posters, etc.  
Summer 2009 - Produced DVD #2, Case # 1225, 12 minutes, starring a funny detective who investigates and concludes that real Christmas trees are good for the earth. 
Summer 2010 - Produced DVD #3, The Christmas Tree Chronicles, 18 minutes, explaining industry operations from planting to recycling.   
Summer 2011 - Produced a TV-ready commercial and YouTube spoof. 

August 2015 - Trademark approved and registered for protection. 

Go Green-Get Real and celebrate the important moments of your life with a real tree. 

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