Common Christmas Trees Grown in Minnesota

Balsam Fir:

Truly a superb Christmas tree. Its distinctive 1/2”-1 1/2” long dark green needles are soft to the touch. The aroma is uniquely fragrant. Its branches are layered and can support a variety of ornaments and decorations.


Canaan Fir:

Similar in appearance to the Balsam fir, its needles tend to be about one inch in length and vary more in color. The foliage can often be similar to the appearance of the Fraser fir. Relatively new to the Christmas tree industry.


Fraser Fir:

A beautiful Christmas tree. The soft to the touch needles are flat and short, 3/8”-1 1/4” long with rounded tips and a silvery underside. The dark green color and pleasant fresh-cut aroma make this a frequently requested tree.


Norway Pine:

Minnesota’s State tree is the regal Norway pine. It has dark green needles, 3”-5” in length, creating a full and pleasing shape. The stout branches can hold a myriad of decorations. It has excellent needle retention.


Scotch Pine:

A lovely bushy and full tree with 1”-3” stiff needles. Clusters of needles fill every branch with dense foliage. Colors on the conical shaped trees vary from green to blue-green. A very popular Christmas tree.


White Pine:

A beautifully shaped Christmas tree. The lacy blue-green needles, 2”- 4” in length, are graceful to the eye and soft to the touch. It has a delightful pine fragrance and excellent needle retention. Lovely when decorated with light ornaments.


Colorado Spruce:

The foliage ranges from lovely powdery blue to a rich dark green color. The long lasting needles are about 1” long, stiff and pointed. The layered branching pattern and its stout strong branches are ideal for hanging heavy ornaments.


Norway Spruce:

Native to the great Baltic conifer forest of northern Europe, this tree has shiny dark green foliage with needles about one-half inch in length. The rich foliage can exhibit good needle retention with proper care.


White Spruce:

Sometimes called the “old fashioned” Christmas tree because of its beautiful symmetrical shape. The needles are 1/2”-1” long and fill every branch with dense foliage. It makes an ideal table-top tree as well as a full-sized tree.